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ACTIVE24 North

All group fitness sessions are FREE and we also offer our participants Hydrating Energy Beverages & Nutritional Protein Shakes for only $5 (optional). All participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottle so they can remain well hydrated during the exercise sessions.

We have a team of dedicated coaches who are passionate with helping people in our community achieve their Health, Fitness and Weight goals.

Mondays 6:30PM

Mondays is our Running/Cardio Workout Session.

Choose between our Running session or Cardio Sessionm

Wednesday 7:00PM

Wednesday is our Boxing Session class and is such a great cardio work out. One of the great things about boxing is that we use both upper and lower body muscles but we cater for all levels, so you can go at your own pace. 

Our Philosophy

20% Fitness

80% Nutrition

100% Mindset

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My mum has been apart of active 24 Preston for a couple of weeks and she pushed me to come and try it out. So tonight I tried it out for the first time and I enjoyed it so much! The boxing was great and it is really good fitness and great nutrition! Will definitely be continuing coming every week! Thank you.

Annabelle Bianchi

Luckily I received a note in my letterbox and got the confidence to turn up. I’ve been going twice a week for over 2 months now and love it. Much different than group fitness at a gym where no one talks and super expensive. I come here and everyone is welcoming, chats to you, includes you and is encouraging. It’s different every week but there’s always high fives and smiles and hard work. Thanks guys!

Trish Martin

It’s great exercise at your own pace everyone is helpful, the atmosphere is electric and you get fit healthy. You get to see and hear peoples results which is inspiring. You wont regret it, give it a shot its changed my life

Debbie Leach

Great coaches/trainers! Friendly group who encourage one another. Monday and wednesdays are now my favourite days
Holy Belinda

Where to Find Us

We are located at Mernda Park Primary School, 40 Riverdale Blvd
Mernda, Victoria, Australia 3754